727-213-8220 7272138220 (727)213-8220 phone number
General Information about 727-213-8220
  • State Pinellas
  • City Clearwater, FL
  • Company Global Crossing Local Services-fl
  • Country Pinellas
  • Usag Landline
  • Zip Code 2000
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Got a call with recording from "Emily at Google" about my business listing. I hold for the "real person" to come on and a guy named "Mack" proceeds to tell me my listing should rank higher and offers 3 plans - $1,800, $995, and $249. I mention I haven't budgeted for anything at this time and he abruptly hung up without another word. Seems like it is some SOB phishing for someone, anyone, to bite on his piss-poor sales pitch. When I tried to call back - of course - no way to make contact.

Reported date :2019-04-09 03:04:08

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