304-512-3434 3045123434 (304)512-3434 phone number
General Information about 304-512-3434
  • State Jackson
  • City Ravenswood, WV
  • Company Sprint Spectrum L.p.- Wv
  • Country Jackson
  • Usag Cell Number
  • Zip Code 2001
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304-512-3434, 450-639-6834 ,514-663-7828 , 438-764-5183 Sells donation bin computers with installed pirated software installed.. ICANRUNIT is a fake software company that scams peoples credit cards and PayPal he offers dirt cheap trial software., on KIJIJI and FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE..There scam company is called ICANRUNIT* with a fake West Virginia area code.. There headquarters is run out of a Old basement in there mothers dilapidated house in Montreal and a second place which is Public housing apartment in Montreal, Quebec. *address below* They have Links to Hong Kong.and are known by the R.C.M.P. as registered sex offenders involved with Human Sex Trafficking and smuggling of underage young girls & Women around the world as young as ( 3 years of age ) in the Province du Quebec., Ontario Nova Scotia, Alberta, BC and the United States .. Address are 4005 avenue bourret Montreal, Quebec H3S 1X1. 11480 AVENUE PELLETIER 
H1H, 3S4 support@icanrunit.com Is not registered with the Better Business Bureau . Nor they submit any Taxes to Revenue Canada.

Reported date :2022-02-11 07:02:21

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